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PICTURES- we were so young

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The life and times of MURDER DISCO X

So we just kinda recycle and continue here what was used as the liner notes for the "Complete Discography 1997-2004" CD on PROFANE EXISTENCE external Link.

The beginning

The Discography came together with our 10 year Jubilee in 1997. Well as a matter of fact we could have called this our 15 year Jubilee, because Peter and Ralf started the band in 1992 as TIMETOSUFFERPOWER. Ralf, who grew up on british Anarchopunk was looking for people to start a Grind/Crust Band and got connected to Peter who used to play in the Grindcore band BELCHING BEET external Link.
Peter, who can be described as a die hard RAMONES fan, being sick of playing Grind was looking for someone to start an early american hardcore styled band. Chances were high that the new found band could have been a mixture of the musical talent of CRASS and the highly political lyrics of the RAMONES. Luck for you it somehow came down to a blend of the early 80ies Hardcore from both sides of the atlantic ocean that we could agree on. We changed our lineup several times during the years with Peter and Ralf being the constant members on Bass and Vocals since day one.

In a time to suffer power you have to murder disco sometimes...

As TIMETOSUFFERPOWER we released 3 songs on a split 7" with DEREKS DON'T RUN, who later became ACCION MUTANTE external Link, and contributed a track for the PLOT compilation that came with the #0 of PLOT Fanzine. We renamed to MURDER DISCO X in 1997 after the addition of Herr Berger (later on also of BITCH BOYS external Link) on guitar and Schmier (formerly of ACCION MUTANTE external Link, later also of BITCH BOYS external Link and SOCIAL MANIACS external Link) on drums. This lineup recorded the 1997 demo which is documented here, the last four songs are re-recorded versions of the tracks released as TIMETOSUFFERPOWER. 200 copies of the demo were made. Two songs from the demo where released on compilations in 2000.

The switch...

This lineup ended in march 2000 when Herr Berger and Schmier almost got into a fistfight on stage with the result of Schmier leaving the band instantly - which did not keep them from staying drinking buddies and playing in the BITCH BOYS external Link together again a couple of years later. Schmier got replaced by Roland from ABSIDIA, but this lineup never recorded. In early 2001 we kinda stopped practicing due to limited time and interest by both, Herr Berger and Roland. Somehow we run across Tommy, who got asked to join as 2nd Guitarist. Ralf went to a gig of some finish Bands where he saw Kelly playing drums with the local band ASS MONKEYS. Kelly was forced at gunpoint to try auditioning with us and agreed to do so after his summer travels. He got a Demo tape of MURDER DISCO X when we played with DETESTATION in 1998 and suprised us at his first practice with having learnt and being able to play most of the songs from the demo. At the same practice Herr Berger quit the band leaving us with the lineup that recorded the other records featured on this discography.

Hey we have a record...

In february 2002 we recorded 14 songs with no concrete plans where to release the tracks. When we got invited back to the annual MONTE PARADISO external Link festival in Pula, Croatia, we decided to release a 7" in true DIY fashion on our own DISCODANCER label. This was the "supercrust" 7". There were 500 copies in black vinyl, followed by a second pressing of 300 clear blue and a third presssing of 200 white. From the same session came the "feeding of the 500" 7" on TERROR RECORDS / BAD NEWS RECORDS in 2003, 500 made on black vinyl, and our contribution to the "more world - less bank" 7" compilation on BLINDEAD PRODUCTIONS external Link / HALVFABRIKAT RECORDS external Link in the same year.

Hey we have a big record...

Next recording session was february 2003, where we recorded 9 songs for a split LP with JILTED from Alessandria, Italy on AGIPUNK external Link. The record was finally relased in early 2004, accompanied by a limited "pizzabox" edition of 100 copies. We don't know how many LPs were pressed and it should be still in print by the time this discography is released. One track from the session was given to a Food not Bombs Benefit compilation, "Welcome To Hell" on PROTEST RECORDS / CONTROL RECORDS external Link, also released in 2004. By the time the Split LP was released Tommy had moved to Berlin and was replaced by Kieren who played guitar on the "Ground zero: Stuttgart" LP/CD on PROFANE EXISTENCE external Link.
All vinyl records, sampler tracks the demo tape and all unreleased studio takes have been compiled on the "Complete Discography 1997-2004" CD released in december 2007 on PROFANE EXISTENCE external Link

Sent them back to the colonies...

Kieren, moved back to Australia in late 2004 and is currently playing in VAE VICTIS external Link from Sydney. The axe was taken over by Fritz who is also busy in RIOT BRIGADE external Link and LIGHTS OUT! external Link. Kelly moved back to PDX in early 2006 and is currently playing in PIERCED ARROWS external Link and of course in about estimated 50% of all the bands in PDX and in the Portland/Austin monster SEVERED HEAD OF STATE. Since then we had a short re-apperance from Roland on drums and shared drum duties between Schmier and Migge, also of ACCION MUTANTE external Link and BELCHING BEET external Link.

2009: Making MDX rock again, and again, and again...

In 2008 Bea from WÄRTERS SCHLECHTE external Link joined us on guitar.
and in early 2009 Chris (Ex GSG9) joined us on drums. This lineup recorded the tracks for the "Grombiera & Paprika" Compilation. Chris decided to quit MDX at the end of 2009 and played his last show on january 5, 2010. What's the deal with those drummer dudes? It's not like we are the catholic church abusing our choir boys. Sigh!.
Replacement was found with Lennart, so we are practicing the set, again.

Thanx to all labels involved, members past, present and future - it was fun so far!

MURDER DISCO X, January 2010.